Submersible sewage pump

  • Flow Range:0-4000(m3/h)
  • Head Range:4-65(m)
  • Power Range:0.75-315(kW)
  • Outlet Range:40-600
  • Rated Speed:(r/min)
  • Applications:DSseries submersible sewage pump are used to transport clear water and all kinds of sewage or water containing sediment, fiber, excrement, river mud and other higher content of insoluble solid mixture.
Overview Description:

DS series sewage submersible pump consists of motor and pump, the two are separated by oil isolation chamber and mechanical seal components, which are electromechanical integration products. motor and pump share the same shaft, the entire pump is short and compact. The pump with an automatic mixing device that can stir the sediment in the sink into a suspended object, so that the pump has the function of dredging; the submersible sewage pump with cutting device is able to cut up the long fiber, cloth, belt and other filth inhaled with sewage, and discharge it smoothly.Product implementation standard GB/ t24674-2009.